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    ICT applications change democracy building

    Information and Communication Technology (ICT) applications, if properly introduced, change the impact and the result of democracy building activities. Democracy Essentials (DE) is a Belgium based company, which aspires to play an important role in providing services in the wide domain of democracy building assistance. DE offers ICT related technical expertise applied in the fields of electoral assistance and observation, parliamentary and political party development, media and elections, migration and development. Through our cross-sectoral approach, we aim to play a constructive role in furthering democracy developments in various context and situations.


    Our Clients

    International Organizations

    We provide highly specialised services to leading organisations in democracy cooperation.

    National institutions & NGOs

    We are committed to support professional development by direct mentoring and customised applications to enhance service delivery.

    Private sector


    Projects Overview

  • Our Work


      EMB Websites

      User friendly solutions enabling full integration of electoral components


      E-Learning systems

      Applying experience in knowledge sharing for continuous learning



      Enabling quality delivery for quantitative information gathering


      Development forums

      Supporting peer-to-peer knowledge and specialised information sharing


      E-Learning platforms

      Enabling clients to monitor and mentor remote learners



      Providing customised solutions to different democracy actors' needs


      Media and Democracy

      Joining forces to create cutting-edge media monitoring tools

  • Our goals


    Improve impact in program delivery

    DE provides services to a variety of clients around the world, with the goal of making technology applications useful and impactful in the delivery of democracy building projects. If properly applied, technology can bridge gaps and empower individuals at various levels and become an engine for democracy development.

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    28 Rue Jean Stas
    1060 Saint Gilles - Brussels

    Kingdom of Belgium
    Telephone:+32 470 125 441
    Fax:+32 475 363 147

    Khalil Dabbas Street
    11191 Al Rabieh - Amman

    Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
    Telephone:+962 655 480 40
    Fax:+962 655 480 41


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